Kayla’s 2020 Recap

Kayla’s 2020 Recap

2020- Changes in perspective, lifestyle, and our new favorite accessory, the mask made it a year we’ll forever remember. Let’s recap.

This time last year, I was excitedly preparing for a study abroad trip to Mexico. Two fantastic weeks in a warm paradise passed by. Meanwhile, World War III memes were being thrown around left and right. In retrospect, that’s how we should have known we’d be in for it in 2020.

For the next three months, I chugged away at my final semester of college. Leading my advertising capstone project, researching and writing a 10+ page essay to finish my spanish major, and training for a half marathon.

Enter March, news of schools closing one after another. I left for spring break not knowing whether I would return to Drake to finish my final semester. Unsurprisingly, every moment from my final presentations to my graduation were held over Zoom. I did complete that half marathon, albeit virtually. This is one of my proudest moments of 2020, well, next to graduating.

At the same time as my graduation, I began my very first full time job. I can honestly say that I was lucky to find a job in the middle of a pandemic. I’ve learned a lot in this time about social media and about myself.

This year has really been full of ups and downs. For many of us, these experiences beg the question- what did I learn, and where does it leave me in 2021? For me, the biggest takeaway is how important it is to slow down and be grateful for the little things.

Stay tuned to see my 2021 look ahead.