Publication Design


I was tasked with creating and designing this document to house all of the proceedings from the 2018 Harkin International Disability Summit. This document also presented me with an interesting challenge in working within strict time constraints while ensuring the completion of the best document possible.

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This document began with a general outline but no completed text. Because of that, I had to work on a design that would be compatible with dropping in text as it was ready. I also wanted to combine the Harkin Institute and Harkin Summit brand standards in a new way for this document. I used pull quotes and lines with minimalist design elements to maximize time and create a visually appealing document. I was able to fine tune and add details to the design as sections of text came in; however I was working on a very tight deadline, which gave me experience in doing good work under pressure. 


I learned about best practices in designing long documents. This project also involved a lengthy editing process coordinated with several groups which was an excellent exercise in time management and consistent communication in a team setting.