Social Media Influencer Campaign

Social Media Influencer Campaign


Identify, contact, and work with Chicago-based social media influencers to promote a new product for Fellowes, the Elea chair.


I started this with extensive research into mid-tier influencers based in Chicago. I created a business plan which included a strategy for influencer placement and desired outcomes for the campaign as well as a spreadsheet to organize factors such as likes, comments, engagement, and followers in order to evaluate the viability of each influencer. The key was finding influencers with large enough following to make the posts beneficial, while also being cost-effective. I then chose the most viable influencers and created a budget, which I presented to the team. After this meeting, I re-focused the strategy and business plan according to an adjusted target market. I repeated this process and moved forward on contacting influencers. Finally, I worked with the legal team to create contracts. This process gave me experience with using social media influencers as a promotional tactic, working in uncharted territory and ambiguity, and pivoting a campaign with new strategies. 


Instagram posts and blog post from Later Ever After, a lifestyle blogger, promoting Elea. The instagram post performed well, with the first video post earning over 500 views. View the blog post here.