How I Find Creative Inspiration …and where I go to find it

How I Find Creative Inspiration …and where I go to find it

It’s true. It’s hard to be creative sometimes. There are thousands of websites out there to help you get inspired or give you some ideas when you feel like there isn’t anything left in the creative tank. When I’m in need of creative inspiration, these are some of the resources and strategies I like to use.

1. Pinterest

Starting off with one of the most common of the places to go for inspiration, Pinterest. I begin large creative projects with a Pinterest board and let myself pin anything that catches my eye- colors, designs, photography, you name it. That way if, and when, I get stuck, I have a quick and easy source of inspiration to turn to.

2. Choosing the right time

I’m a morning person. You may not be, but if you know that about yourself, you’ll be able to better harness your creativity. Trying to do a creative project at 4 in the afternoon? Probably not the best idea for my creativity and my overall desire to continue putting brain power towards something. I’m just not inspired later in the day, but 6 a.m.? Let’s do it.

The point of this tip is to say that if you’re lacking creativity, it may not be a lack of inspiration.

3. This TED Talk

When I think about Phil’s story, I just feel ready to charge at whatever I’m doing. If he can overcome a physical obstacle to being an artist, I can overcome a little bit of brain block. There are tons of other TED talks that have to do with creativity and inspiration, but I like this one because it’s short and motivational. Pop it on while you work and see how you feel!

4. Canvas by Saatchi Art

Look no further than Canvas for all the creative inspiration you could ask for straight from other creative type people.

Read a story about an astounding artist, stay up on trends and get inspired by the awesome mix of content this blog puts out.

5. Set a timer

At least for me, sometimes setting a time limit is the kick I need to get inspired and stick with it. When you stare at a project for hours on end, it’s so easy to mull over every idea and get nothing done. I also feel much more creative under pressure. I’m challenged to think of things without over thinking. Combine this one with other tips for optimal efficiency and creativity.

6. Google it

Honestly, when the Pinterest board fails you and you don’t know where to go, Google probably has the answer. Like I said before, there are millions of results if you search for creative inspiration.

7. Learn something

Can’t think of anything creative? Watch someone else do something creative with these creativebloq tutorials. Nothing like following along with a tutorial to get the creative brain going again. It’ll give you an excuse to create, maybe distract you from what you’re doing, and the biggest plus, now you have another trick up your sleeve the next time you’re feeling like you don’t know what to do

8. 99designs

99designs is essentially a page full of creative people sharing the creative things they did. It’s a really great place to draw inspiration for your next project and see how amazing people are at design! They have everything from logos to book covers, so you’ll be sure to find something similar to what you’re trying to do.

9. 10 New Ways

Sometimes I like to step away from what I’m doing and think about 10 different new and different ideas to do the same thing doing. They don’t have to be good ones.This is my form of ideation. If I’m working on the computer, I might make a couple extra art boards in a separate file, copy over what I was doing, and just mess with it. I leave the results of each transformation and look back on it of I get stuck again. I think this helps me when I like the direction I’m going in, but I’m getting tired of working on it or I’m not sure what the next step is.

10. Walk away

When all else fails, leave it alone for a second. Or a minute. Or a couple of days. You know the best idea will come to you when you’re about to fall asleep.

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