About Me

About Me

Kayla Garrigan

I’m Kayla Garrigan, a creative communications aficionado. I’m eager to learn, ready for a challenge, and always putting together the pieces of the consumer puzzle. My adventurous spirit and can-do attitude help me to execute the best ideas that I can dream up.

My passion in life is learning. Whether it is in the classroom, through travel, or on the job, I take a little piece of each of my experiences wherever I go.

You can typically find me running, reading a book, baking cookies, traveling, or putting a new skill into practice.

The Beginnings

My adventure into the creative world began with a click of a camera shutter. Discovering my passion for photography while I was in high school was the first step in the adventure that led me to Drake University, where I studied advertising and Spanish. The next step was combining my eye for fashion and interest in writing to create a blog. I maintained this passion project for a little over a year before I went off to college. Later on in high school, I started to take business and design classes. Taking these classes solidified my interest in the communications world. Ultimately, this brought me to the Drake School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Drake University

Kayla Garrigan

I entered my undergraduate experience at Drake as a magazine media and advertising major with a minor in Spanish. Shortly after starting my coursework, I recognized my pull toward graphic design. I started to take classes and teach myself new design tricks. In the end, I decided to graduate a year early and focus in on a double major in advertising and Spanish. I still take the graphic design knowledge and experience with me, but I’m happy to be able to communicate with people from all over the world and continue to be creative.

While at Drake, I was fortunate to take part in two study abroad experiences. In June of 2018, I went on my first ever international trip to Barcelona, Spain. I spent a month studying history and Spanish at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Then, in January 2020 I spent two weeks in Guadalajara, Mexico learning about the Americanization of Mexico. This blog post will show you what I learned along the way.

Dabbling in the communications world from publications to non-profit work and social media showed me that my passion is creating and trying new things. Please take a look at my advertising portfolio or my Spanish portfolio to see what I have accomplished!

What’s next

The ever-important question- where will this journey take me? Right now, it brought me back home to Illinois, where I got my first full-time job as a social media coordinator. But, there is always more learn and to discover and new experiences to be had.