Advertising Campaign

Advertising Campaign


Create a full advertising campaign to promote Des Moines musician and record label. I served as Account Executive and managed the project and a team of 3 people.


Beginning with a massive, color-coded spreadsheet, I defined campaign deliverables. Then, I identified weekly team progress check-ins to make sure we were on track. Before getting to work, I outlined the big ideas for strategy, messaging and creative direction.

With my agency team, I executed the strategy. I supported graphic design, copywriting, and editing work. My contributions include new brand guides for each client, redesigned websites, Google advertisements and an E-book.


At the end of the semester, the plan and pitch for the advertising campaign were successfully completed. The tactics met the client defined objectives of increasing awareness, affinity, donations, and event attendance by 20%.

This experience taught me about navigating team dynamics and pushing myself out of my comfort zone to get the job done.