Brand and Style Guide

Brand and Style Guide

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Define all visual and stylistic elements for Urban Plains, the journalism capstone at Drake University given the theme.


My only guidelines when creating this guide were the theme of the capstone, which was corn. I was responsible for defining the mission statement and the direction for art, photography, and social media. I collaborated with the writers and videographers working in the capstone to create a cohesive style. Careful consideration of our current theme and the history of Urban Plains lead me to create a comprehensive guide that embodies a down-to-earth midwestern feel as a compliment to the corn theme.


The brand and style standards defined in this guide were integral to the cohesive look and feel on Urban Plains social media accounts as well as the online articles and videos produced by Urban Plains staff throughout the semester. In this process I learned about the importance of both defining a brand from the start and continuing to refer back to these guides as creative decisions are made and time goes on.